What Matters

What matters most to me, is that everyone who chooses to reside in the Town of Bedford is as proud as I am to call Bedford home. I believe that this can be accomplished when the responsibility of leadership is shared with all citizens of Bedford. The life experiences, professional credentials, ideas, and perspectives of our residents should be harnessed and used to guide us forward. As a leader, I want to ensure that voices from all stakeholder groups in our community are elevated and part of the conversation, so we can gain better insight, new perspectives, and fresh ideas that will foster growth in all sectors of town life.  



Open, two-way communication with residents and other stakeholders is critical to ensure confidence in our local government. Educating, informing, and getting feedback should be normalized in our town governance operations.


Pursuing partnerships with community organizations, maintaining historic connections, and embracing the positive aspects of modern technology and life will foster economic growth and a strong sense of community.


COVID forced us to rethink how we work and conduct business. We should harness that ingenuity and continue to leverage new and emerging technologies and implement new practices and initiatives that will positively transform how the town leadership works and engages with the public.